Domino-akArchive: The powerfull E-Mail archiving solution

The quantity of Lotus Notes documents is constantly growing since e-mail has evolved into a key operational vehicle for companies of all sizes. In response, the amount of data in Lotus Notes databases needs to be reduced. Saving data to archive media will help you to achieve this reduction effectively while regaining control and simplicity.

  • Reduction of e-mail storage costs.

  • Enhanced e-mail server performance.

  • Domino users have full access to archived messages.

  • Quick software installation and maintenance.

  • Simple extend of mail templates.

  • Central storage management of archived mails.

  • Archiving and retrieving via e-mail transport.

  • No need for expensive third party archive software.

  • Quickly adjusted to any Notes database.

  • No geographical restriction.

  • Fits very low budgets.


Domino mails are extracted and compressed into one file system which is located on one physical machine. Domino-akArchive uses a gateway

process installed as a Domino server task. The Notes mail databases

are the front-end for filing and retrieving documents to and from the

regularly centralized  file system.

Domino-akArchive is easy to adjust to any Lotus Notes database and can be tailored to individual customer requirements. The Notes documents are transferred from their databases to the "pool" database and subsequently deleted from the original database if desired. An agent or a button is used to

execute this process. Reference documents containing significant indexes

and other archive information are stored in the mail database.

Further configuration options are then used as search values.

The Domino-akArchive task runs on any Domino server under MS Windows

operating systems.

The Mails including images are converted to PDF on the fly.!!! 

Technical data

Domino-akArchive executable task on a Domino Server Ver. 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8,x, 9.x

Any Hardware that fits Domino operation under MS WINDOWS Server
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